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Thank you so much to all the readers who have followed along as the Forgotten Goddesses have found their mates. And if you haven't discovered them yet, I hope you decided to check them out.

I love writing this series full of magic and steamy sex and happily ever afters and I hope readers love reading them.

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Romulus and Remus are sexy werewolf cousins with an unbreakable bond. When they meet beautiful goddess Amity and save her from an encroaching demon, they discover that the three of them together are way more powerful than any of them could ever have imagined. And they're going to need that power to overcome the forces that are determined to steal Amity's magic and destroy the two men. As different as night and day, and each an amazing man in his own right, Rom and Remy make all of Amity's deepest fantasies come true ...

Here's a short excerpt:

The demon brushed a hand down her back, causing Amity to scream.

Sweet Mother Goddess, this was it. The demon would take her back to Aitás for Charun to consume her soul.

She did trip then. Her feet tangled together and she hit the ground hard. The air rushed from her lungs and starbursts flashed before her eyes as her head bounced off the paved surface of the trail.

Pain flared seconds later, beginning in her temples and radiating throughout her entire body. Still, she tried to scramble to her feet but only got to her knees when she felt a hand grab her shoulder.

“Steady there.”

The masculine voice made her head snap up. She realized someone stood in front of her. A tall, masculine shadow whose face she couldn’t make out in the darkness of the park but whose voice sounded so familiar.

“Are you ok—”

Amity pushed away the hand he’d extended toward her, terror making her shake. “You’ve got to run. Go now or you’ll be killed.”

His hand didn’t move. “No, I don’t think I will.”

The certainty in his tone made Amity blink up at him in astonishment as she realized the man standing above her was Rom.

She opened her mouth to yell at him but felt a chill seep into her body that had nothing to do with the air temperature. Her time was up. The negative energy of the demon began to suck at her positive force, the energy that allowed her to heal those who needed it. If she lost too much of it, she would be no good to anybody.

“Well now, it looks like you’ve found a hero,” the demon taunted. “How nice for you. He’ll make a tasty snack for later, won’t you, lucani?

Lucani. She blinked up at Rom, standing so tall above her. He was an Etruscan wolf shifter? Why hadn’t she realized that last night? Was Remy too?

How had she missed it?

Reaching down, Rom wrapped a strong hand around her arm and pulled her to her feet then drew her behind him.

“You’ll have to break me first, demon.” Rom’s deep voice was filled with palpable menace. “And, trust me, you won’t get the chance.”

Peeking out from around his shoulder, Amity watched the demon emerge from the shadows, close enough now for her to see the whites of its eyes. Its body was nothing more than another dark shadow sliding through the night.

She shivered, the demon’s menace surrounding them like a force field. Blessed Mother Goddess, this was no rank-and-file demon, she realized. This was no minion.

This demon had the blue skin and black hair as all tukhulkha demons did, but it also had small black horns erupting from its temples and curving back along its head. And she was sure, if it turned, she’d see the demon’s black wings tucked behind it.

It was one of the few generals in Charun’s army. A demon didn’t earn horns or wings until it’d proven itself to Charun’s exacting standards of pain and torment.

This situation became stranger every second.

Why would Charun risk sending one of his high-ranking demons to track her? She couldn’t have fended off an attack from a regular demon, much less one with so much power. And how had Rom known she’d needed help?

“So cocky for a lowly dog.” The demon’s voice dripped with disdain, ripping across Amity’s empathy like claws, making her breath catch at the pain. “But you’ll bleed just like the rest.”

Rom laughed and she detected absolutely no amusement in the sound. Or fear, for that matter. “I may bleed a little but you’re the one who’s going down. When I rip your throat out, you’ll cry just like all those you’ve killed before.”

The demon’s head cocked to the side, its expression visible now that Amity’s eyesight had adjusted. It looked contemplative and when a demon got that look on its face, you really should run the other way. 

Because it was either thinking about eating you or tearing you into little bits in preparation to do so.

“We’ve met before, haven’t we?” The demon put its hands on its hips, in a strangely feminine pose, making the hair on Amity’s neck rise. “Have I eaten your loved ones? Possibly maimed a friend? How awful for you.”

“All of the above, actually. And now you’re going to pay.”

The demon’s eyes rounded in a mocking wonder. “Is your name Inigo by any stretch of the imagination? You know that would just make my day.”

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt.

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