Paranormal Bundle Sales!

Ah, October. Not only is it the start of hockey season but it's also the month of Halloween. The night's are a little longer, the air's a little cooler and all the old Hammer horror films show up on TV. And if you can't find a paranormal romance to read, your internet must not be working.

To celebrate the month of magic and mayhem, I've got two bundles you'll want to check out if you love your romance hot and your heroes with a little something...extra. And they're on sale, too, for only 2.99.

The MAGICAL SEDUCTION series are six erotic romances featuring magical men and the women who love them. They're sure to heat up a cool October night.  The set is comprised of SEDUCED BY MAGIC, SEDUCED IN SHADOW, SEDUCED & ENSNARED, SEDUCED & ENCHANTED, SEDUCED BY CHAOS and SEDUCED BY DANGER.

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If you're looking for hot romance filled with humor and unique worldbuilding, you're going to want to check out LOVERS ON THE FRINGE. The two stories in this book, SIZE MATTERS and THE BIGGER THEY ARE..., are laugh-out-loud funny and filled with sultry sex and sweet emotion.

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(if the links aren't active, check back, they're coming)