The first book in the Baseline Sins series is here! This is for all those readers out there who love bad boy rock stars. I know I do. There's just something about a guy who can hold the attention of thousands of screaming fans turning all of that intensity on you that makes you want to melt

And that's where STRINGS ATTACHED was born.

Baz Valenti lived the life until it nearly killed him. Then he fell off the face of the earth. He shut out his friends and band mates and disappeared from the scene. Until he met Greg Hicks and discovered an aptitude for scoring movies. But it isn't enough and he's ready to get back to his band. He just doesn't know how.

And to make this more complicated, he's got a severe case of lust for Greg's business partner, Trudeau Morrison. She's as straight-laced as she is pretty and Baz wants her. Trouble is, Tru doesn't want to be another notch on his guitar.

The first novel in a steamy spin-off series from the national bestselling author of the Salon Games novels...

On the surface, Sebastian "Baz" Valenti is a rock god with the lifestyle to match. With  his drop-dead gorgeous looks and his band, Baseline Sins, at the top of the charts, he can have any woman he wants. But the constant touring and recording has taken its toll. Now he’s turned to scoring films, a gig that has introduced him to the one woman he really wants but can’t have...

Trudeau Morrison is all business all the time. As the managing director of ManDown Films, it’s her job to keep Baz focused on business too. It’s not an easy task, considering Baz has made no secret of his desire for her. But Tru doesn’t want to get involved with a rock star, even if he is the hottest man she’s ever met.

Trouble is, once Baz gets an erotic taste of Tru, he’s not going to give her up. Now he just has to show her that rock-steady is nothing compared to rock and roll..



He shook his head. “You can’t fix me, Tru. I’m not a prop you can track down or a situation you can make disappear.”
She managed to not roll her eyes but only barely. “I understand that. But if you need to talk, I’m a good listener.”
He fell silent for several seconds, his gaze glued to hers. In the hazy light filtering in from the performance area and the low lighting in their secluded space, she could see that his eyes appeared more green now than they had earlier. His hair stood up in spikes from running his fingers through it and his mouth was compressed into a line.
Amazingly, her gaze fixed on his mouth. She’d been noticing it a lot lately and had even found herself watching him talk more often than actually listening to what he said. She’d told herself it was because she was trying to ignore his actual words, which were pissing her off.
She liked his mouth. She found it sexy.
Oh, crap.
She blinked and dragged her gaze back to his eyes but found his gaze focused on her mouth.
That strange sensation returned to the pit of her stomach. The one she kept telling herself was not attraction.
Liar, liar, pants on fire.
Then he shook his head and looked  toward the stage again.
“I don’t think you want to hear what I have to say.”
She almost didn’t hear him and considered acting like she hadn’t. But she wasn’t a coward.
“Yes, I do. Talk to me.”
He turned back toward her.
“It’s not that—”
A wailing guitar cut through the silence she hadn’t realized had fallen, followed by the booming beats of a drum.
Then a woman began to sing, her voice melodic and beautiful and completely badass.
And still, she couldn’t look away from Sebastian.
So she saw the exact moment he made the decision to come at her.
She could’ve pulled away. She could’ve gotten up and walked out the door.
Instead, she sat there and watched him as he closed the distance separating them during the space between one second and the next.
Part of the reason she didn’t move was out of shock.
She froze as he wrapped one hand around her nape and wove the other into her hair. He sucked in a breath just before he crushed his lips against hers.
Hard. Like he’d been dying to kiss her after months of frustration and longing. As if he couldn’t breathe until he’d kissed her.
And she let it happen.
Let him slant his mouth over hers and part her lips and slip his tongue into her mouth so he could taste her.
Oh, god, the heat that slammed through her body when his tongue touched hers was just this side of volcanic. It rocked her foundation so hard she didn’t realize he’d dragged her across the cushion that had separated them until he had her chest plastered against his.
She reached for him then. Put her hands on his shoulders, but she didn’t know if it was to push him away or pull him closer.
She certainly didn’t push him away. While her brain came to a grinding halt, her body came to life with a jolt.
Her nipples peaked and her pussy clenched with a force that made her suck in air through her nose. She probably made some kind of sound, but neither of them could hear it over the music.
Or the beating of her heart.

Stephanie Julian