How about a little peek inside the newly revised first book in the Lucani Lovers? I loved returning to this world and getting the chance to revisit a few of the stories.

For instance, the ending of KISS OF MOONLIGHT has been completely rewritten and the book has been expanded by about 7,000 words. Now, I'm no math wizard so I asked PaperMan and he said I added about 16 percent (thanks, dear).

So here's a taste. And if you're interested, here are the links for pre-order. All six books will release Monday Feb. 8.

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Since she’d arrived, no one had driven past her house. The overgrown lane actually dead-ended into the corn field to the south of this house.

So who the hell was using her lane?

Hurrying to the double window in the living room, she peeked out and saw a bright yellow muscle car rumbling down the road.

Fear slid through her in a wash of frigid cold but when her brain finally processed what she was seeing, her mouth curved in a smile.

The car’s convertible top was down, revealing a young girl at the wheel and an older man in the passenger seat. Tam could see the girl’s smile from here, bright and sunny as she brought the car to a jerking stop.

She heard the girl laugh then the low rumble of the man’s voice. She couldn’t make out what they were saying, and she couldn’t see the man’s face. But the girl’s expression was cheerful, sunny. No shadows.

Her bright red hair shone in the sun, the strands confined to a braid that hung over her shoulder. The man tugged on the braid before turning to stare at her house.

Whoa. Tam bit back an involuntary gasp. Sweet heaven, the guy was…hot. Not pretty-boy cute. Not run-of-the-mill handsome. No, this was a woman’s wet dream. Masculine and confident. Experienced.

Wavy black hair fell almost to his broad shoulders, the bangs brushing his perfectly straight nose and gorgeous, high cheekbones before he shoved them back. His features were a little hard, a little sharp. His square jaw had a covering of black stubble and his eyes were narrowed against the sun. She couldn’t see what color they were.

She wanted to get close enough to see. After the hell she’d gone through eight months ago, it shocked her to realize her libido still worked. She’d thought…

What? That she’d never want to have sex again?

No. She wouldn’t let the bastard take that from her. She’d enjoyed sex, what little of it she’d had. She knew she would again. What that monster had done to her had been an aberration. Not sex.

Sex with this man would be amazing.

Not that she was going to have sex with him. She didn’t know who he was or why they were here. 
But she was about to find out.

He and the girl got out of the car and started walking to her door.

She pulled away from the window as they got close, not wanting them to catch her watching, like some creepy old lady afraid of her own shadow.

They weren’t talking now, almost as if they didn’t want to spook her. The knock, when it came, sounded almost muted.

Like they knew…

Idiot. Of course they didn’t know. How could they? She’d never seen them before in her life.

The knock came a second time and she automatically moved to answer it.

Her heart began to pound but not in fear. She almost didn’t recognize the difference because she’d lived with the fear for so long.

No, this was anticipation. Because of him.

She ran her fingers through her longer-than-normal hair, thankful for once that the straight strands never tangled. She eased open the door, trying not to give any hint of the emotions roiling in her gut.

“Can I help you?”

She winced. Hopefully that didn’t sound as unwelcoming as she thought it did.

Either it hadn’t or the girl didn’t care. She stood in front of the man, smiling at her with a wide grin. The man’s bulk nearly overwhelmed her slight figure.

“Hi. I’m Cat.” She glanced over her shoulder. “And this is my dad, Kyle. We live down the road and since we only just noticed that you moved in, we came to say hi. And invite you for dinner. We’re having a cookout tonight. Dad’s pretty good with the grill and—”

The girl cut off as the man put his hands on her shoulders. “And my daughter tends to run at the mouth. Sorry about that.” He stuck one of those hands around the girl toward her. “Kyle Rossini.”

She took his hand without thought and immediately lost herself in his warmth. When was the last time she’d let anyone touch her? A month? Two?

God, the man had huge hands, tanned dark by the sun. As was the rest of his arm and probably his chest as well. She didn’t see any tan lines, including one on his ring finger. Minus a ring.

Why the hell had she looked?

Hope you enjoyed!

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