Aiden & Olivia | Part Two

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I’ve made a deal to save my father’s life—sex with a man I know only by his first name. I don’t know why Aiden wants me. I only know that when he looks at me, I combust. I plan to hold up my end of the bargain. My family would kill Aiden if they knew he was blackmailing me. I only know I want more…


Olivia is fast becoming an addiction I should be trying to break. Instead, I want more of her. More of her time, more of her attention, more of her body. My plan to destroy her father is still in place but I need to figure out how to keep Olivia when I do…

Available July 13



Read an excerpt ...

“I thought you’d like a little time to get acclimated before I take you to bed.”

She strolls over to the albums and begins to leaf through the sleeves. “So we’re actually going to use a bed tonight. I thought I’d be spreading my legs in your office again.”

I had expected her to come out swinging and I’d told myself I could handle it. But her attempt to piss me off is starting to work. I take a breath before answering.

“If that’s what you want, we can go back to the library. I had something else planned.”

Her eyes narrow. “You do a lot of planning, don’t you?”

It’s a rhetorical question but I can’t not respond. “We seem to have a lot in common.”

That manages to tear her attention away from the albums. She’d been flipping through the metal section and stops on a Slipknot album, lifting her hand to trace the letters on the cover.

“Maybe we have a few things in common. But I’m not the one blackmailing a woman into having sex.”

“But you will do whatever it takes to help your family.”

I hear her release her breath on a sigh and she turns away from the wall to look me in the eyes, hands on her slim hips. “Of course.”

“Even if they don’t deserve it?”

I can’t stop myself from goading her but she doesn’t take the bait. Hell, she doesn’t even raise an eyebrow.

“Family is everything.”

“Even if they don’t deserve your loyalty?”

“I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t.”

“So you say.” I let that hang there for a moment before I walk over to stand beside her, pulling the album she’d been looking at out of the stacks. “Is that the only reason you’re here?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I see her lips part and I’m ready for her to blast me. I want her to. I fucking love verbally sparring with her. I don’t get to do it often because no one talks back to Aiden Knight, CEO of Squire Incorporated.

I’m not arrogant enough to think I know everything and I’m always open to new ideas. But no one can be allowed to get the upper hand. I’m the caretaker of an empire. I can’t look weak because there’s always someone out there looking to take advantage.

But here, tonight, I’m willing to give Olivia some leeway. Not because I feel any guilt about this situation but because I enjoy having her go at me.

Her lips close and she’s silent for a few more seconds. “Of course. What other reason would I have?”

I let that go for the moment as I walk over to the turntable and set All Hope Is Gone to play. Then I press the button to allow the music to filter through the house. I don’t crank it, like I normally would with Slipknot, but set it at a low, angry hum.

“Would you like to see the rest of the house?”

I walk to her and she has to look up to meet my eyes. Now, her expression shows the first sign of anger.

“This isn’t a social call. I’m only here to pay your price for that file.”

Damn, she’s hot when she’s angry. “As I said before, you’re free to leave.”

She rolls her eyes and lust surges through my blood, heating every part of my body.

“So where do you want me tonight?” She looks over her shoulder. “On the couch? Probably not. Leather stains. Or maybe you just want me to bend over the back of it?”