Aiden & Olivia | Part Three

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Olivia is getting under my skin. I want her more every time I touch her and that's dangerous. I'm determined to keep her in my bed but she refuses to stay. She needs to understand that she's mine and no one else is allowed to touch her.

Aiden is tempting but I'm determined not to give him too much of me. I'll take everything he's willing to give but I need to hold back at least part of myself because if I don't, I'm afraid I won't want to leave. And that might leave me devastated.



Read an excerpt ...

“Arms up.”

She doesn’t respond immediately, but her gaze locks with mine and her teeth sink into her bottom lip. I want to bite that lip myself but if I do, I’ll drag my mouth from her lips to her neck to her breasts and I’ll keep going until I open her legs and lick her pussy.

And I’ll get to that. But first…

Slowly, her arms rise until they rest above her head. The motion makes her breasts pull up as well and now my mouth waters for a taste.

First things first.

I force back the almost overwhelming urge to suck those nipples into my mouth and lave them with my tongue until she begs me to stop. I’ve discovered how sensitive she is, how she squirms when I bite her. Makes me harder just thinking about it.

Forcing myself to focus, I pick up one of the ropes and wind it around her left wrist. Not too tight but not much slack. When her right wrist is done, her arms stretched out, I take a few seconds to simply stare.

I haven’t yet been able to figure out what it is about her that fascinates me so much I’m willing to jeopardize a plan years in the making.

If it were only her appearance, fucking her once would’ve been enough. At least, it has been with other women.

No, there’s something about Olivia that makes me crave her more every time I see her.

How the hell can I work her out of my system?

Maybe you don’t.

That voice again, the one I keep trying to ignore.

With an effort, I shake it out of my head and narrow my focus. She’s staring at me with those gorgeous eyes but I break contact and move down the bed.

I spread her legs and wrap the silk ropes around her ankles, baring her pussy. I barely stop myself from falling on her and rutting like an animal.

That’s what I feel like right now. I can only think about fucking her, about the fact that she’s given me permission to tie her to my bed and trusts me not to hurt her.

She wouldn’t be here if you weren’t blackmailing her.

Another thought I don’t want to deal with right now. She’s here and that’s all I care about. The rest we’ll deal with later.

Right now…

I kneel between her legs and put my mouth over her, licking the delicate lips between her thighs and tasting her. She moans and her body stiffens. But not in rejection. Her hips press forward, encouraging me to take more.