Aiden & Olivia | Part Four

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I thought I had all the answers. Thought I held all the cards in this affair with Olivia. But she’s flipped the script and put me on the defensive. Everything I thought I knew is now in doubt and I’ve got hard decisions to make. Do I follow through on my plan to destroy her father and lose Olivia? Or is there another option?

Have I found the key to saving my father? Aiden believes my father is responsible for a terrible tragedy but I know that’s not true. But if I’m right about his grandfather, will Aiden believe me? And if he doesn’t, should I care?



Read an excerpt ...

Jerking her gaze away, she moves, breaking my single-minded focus, and heads for the door. She passes by me, her shoulder nearly brushing my arm. She’s almost at the door when I catch up. Following on her heels, I let her reach the entrance before I grab her arm and spin her around. Her mouth opens on a gasp and I cover it with my own before she can say anything.

Our lips meld as I press her back against the door, my hands gripping her hips and lifting her until out mouths are level and I’m no longer bending over to reach her.

Her hands fall on my shoulders, pressing me away for a second before curling into the muscle and anchoring herself to me.

My mouth moves over hers, forcing her lips open when they don’t automatically do so and sliding my tongue against hers, demanding a response and taking what I want. She doesn’t give in easily and it makes me work that much harder to seduce her.

She tastes like sex and desire and I have to stop myself from dragging her clothes off her body and fucking her against the door.

Then she grinds her mound against my erection, making me groan at the pressure and the fact that she’s so close and it would only take one hand to rip her clothes away so I could get inside her.

And she doesn’t seem to want to let me go. One of her hands wraps in my hair and tugs until my scalp tingles. Her other hand wraps around my neck to hold me at her mouth. With her legs wrapped around my waist, she rocks against me, making my cock harder and my blood pound hot in my veins. Every cell in my body wants her. I don’t know why I shouldn’t have her.