Magical Seduction

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Six erotic paranormal romances now available for one low price!

Seduced By Magic // Seduced In Shadow // Seduced & Ensnared // Seduced & Enchanted // Seduced by Chaos // Seduced by Danger

Seduced by Magic
Justin Johannson knows there are things in this world that defy explanation and he's determined to prove the existence of magic. He never expected to find everything he was searching for in his bed. But when he wakes in a secluded cabin to find a naked redhead with wings and an attitude making love to him, well... Justin's more than willing to give the woman anything she wants. Scarlata is convinced Justin wants only to capture her for scientific study, which is so not going to happen. The foolish man needs to be taught a lesson to leave her and all magical creatures in peace. But she can't deny the sexual attraction between them. And really, what could one night of unretrained passion possibly hurt...

Seduced in Shadow
Antonin de Feo has been employed to guard luscious Ellie Johannson from harm. He's been watching from the shadows but when she's nearly kidnapped, Antonin has the perfect place to keep her safe--in his bed. He's fallen hard for the beauty but he fears the secrets of his magical heritage might drive her away or put her in even more danger. Ellie can't resist her sexy bodyguard and promptly lands in his bed. She never wants to leave but dark forces are gathering and the walls are closing around them. Ellie needs someone she can trust at her side. But when Ellie discovers Antonin isn't exactly what he seems to be, will she push him away? Or let him risk his life for her own secrets? 

Seduced & Ensnared
Cam de Feo is tough, ruthless and determined to keep his magical family safe at all costs. Stella Palmer is a means to an end--nothing more. He'll seduce her then use her to trap her evil uncle. At least, that's the plan. He never expected to fall for the beauty. For Stella, Cam is just the right man for a white-hot one-night stand. But in the bright light of day, she quickly realizes he has much more to offer than great sex. As dark forces threaten, family secrets will be revealed and Stella will discover a hidden world filled with magic and love!

Seduced & Enchanted
Rio de Feo has just met the woman of his dreams. Rosie Bianchi is smart, sexy, sweet...and cursed. She's got an evil dead witch on her tail and a secret even she doesn't know anything about. Rosie can't believe her good luck. The gorgeous guy she just met is Prince Charming material. But one night of perfect sex and Rosie wakes up with magical powers and is thrust into a battle for her life. Love will need a little help and a little luck but where there's an enchanted rose hedge and three godmothers, there's magic. 

Seduced By Chaos
Tall, dark and handsome, the guy walked into Lacey's bar like hes expected to be hit with a hail of bullets. There's something about him that draws her but Lacey has a secret. One that could threaten her freedom, her very life if it's exposed. The woman behind the bar is gorgeous. She pushes every single one of Teo's buttons and he wants her--even though he's dangerous, a walking time bomb, and it's only a matter of time before he explodes. But one night of magical sex and all bets are off as Lacey's secret catches up with her and Teo will risk everything, including himself, to keep her safe. And make her his. 

Seduced by Danger
A man will do just about anything for love--even kill. Four down, one to go. Michael Corsi is on the trail of the last man who made life a living hell for his lover. But first, he wants one last reminder of what he's fighting for. He needs to see his woman and his son before he goes up against his toughest foe. And probably to his death. Michael is the father of the son Cara never expected to have. The man who brought her a love she never expected to feel, and a passion that she can't--won't--live without. She'll do whatever it takes to be sure Michael returns to her--even it

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