Rock My Heart

A Salon Games Novel | Book Five

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The rock & roll lifestyle nearly cost him everything...

On the surface, Sebastian "Baz" Valenti is a rock god with the lifestyle to match. With his drop-dead gorgeous looks and his band, Baseline Sins, at the top of the charts, he can have any woman he wants. But the constant touring and recording has taken its toll. Now he’s turned to scoring films, a gig that has introduced him to the one woman he really wants but can’t have...

Trudeau Morrison is all business all the time. As managing director of ManDown Films, it’s her job to keep Baz focused on business too. It’s not an easy task, considering Baz has made no secret of his desire for her. But Tru doesn’t want to get involved with a rock star, even if he is the hottest man she’s ever met.

Trouble is, once Baz gets an erotic taste of Tru, he’s not going to give her up. Now he just has to show her that rock-steady is nothing compared to rock and roll...




Read an excerpt ...

Amazingly, her gaze fixed on his mouth. She’d been noticing it a lot lately and had even found herself watching him talk more often than actually listening to what he said. She’d told herself it was because she was trying to ignore his actual words, which were pissing her off.


She liked his mouth. She found it sexy.

Oh, crap.

She blinked and dragged her gaze back to his eyes but found his gaze focused on her mouth.

That strange sensation returned to the pit of her stomach. The one she kept telling herself was not attraction.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Then he shook his head and focused his attention toward the stage again.

“I don’t think you want to hear what I have to say.”

She almost didn’t hear him and considered acting like she hadn’t. But she wasn’t a coward.

“Yes, I do. Talk to me.”

He turned back toward her.

“It’s not that—”

A wailing guitar cut through the silence she hadn’t realized had fallen, followed by the booming beats of a drum.

Then a woman began to sing, her voice melodic and beautiful and completely badass.

And still, Tru couldn’t look away from Sebastian.

So she saw the exact moment he made the decision to come at her.

She could’ve pulled away. She could’ve gotten up and walked out the door.

Instead, she sat there and watched him close the distance separating them during the space between one second and the next.

Part of the reason she didn’t move was out of shock.

She froze as he wrapped one hand around her nape and wove the other into her hair. He sucked in a breath just before he crushed his lips against hers.

Hard. Like he’d been dying to kiss her after months of frustration and longing. As if he couldn’t breathe until he kissed her.

And she let it happen.

Let him slant his mouth over hers and part her lips and slip his tongue into her mouth so he could taste her.

Oh, god, the heat that slammed through her body when his tongue touched hers was just this side of volcanic. It rocked her foundation so hard she didn’t realize he’d dragged her across the cushion that had separated them until he had her chest plastered against his.

She reached for him then. Put her hands on his shoulders, but she didn’t know if it was to push him away or pull him closer.

She certainly didn’t push him away. While her brain came to a grinding halt, her body jolted to life. Her nipples peaked and her core clenched with a force that made her suck in air through her nose. She probably made some kind of sound, but neither of them could hear it over the music.

Or the beating of her heart.

She could barely breathe or move. She definitely couldn’t think as his lips pressed on hers with a purpose that intensified with every second. His tongue licked at hers, coaxed her to play with him, to participate. But it was more than coaxing. It wasn’t force, but he wasn’t exactly asking permission, either.

No, he was taking what she hadn’t known she’d wanted to give him. But now, that’s all she could think about. Letting him kiss her and make her feel more alive than she had in… God, she didn’t know how long.

Her fingers flexed, then slid down his arms to clench at his biceps. The thick muscles bunched beneath her palms. He’d removed his jacket shortly after they’d sat down and the heat of his skin burned through the silky cotton of his shirt.

Her lungs burned and she drew in more air so she wouldn’t have to break away from this kiss. This amazing, shocking, panty-wetting kiss.

Yes, her panties were wet. Simply from his mouth on hers.

Her heartbeat, mixed with the loud music, pounded in her ears.

Oh, god, was she moaning?

Her fingers clenched, digging into Baz’s firm muscles while his hand in her hair tugged her head back so he could get a different angle on her mouth. His lips demanded she give in and let him have what he wanted. What he wanted was her surrender.

The hand on her neck released, moving to her shoulder, then beginning to slide down her arm.

Her nipples tightened in anticipation of his touch, but he bypassed her breasts completely and went straight for her hip.

As his hand cupped her curves, she shifted toward him, her head tilting farther to encourage him to kiss her deeper, harder.

Oh my god, he kissed like he’d taken a master class in it. Like she imagined a man who was dying for her would kiss. She hadn’t allowed herself to dream about being kissed like this.

And now, with Sebastian…

Her brain short-circuited as his hand on her hip dragged her even closer. She went without a fight, her body overriding her brain’s sudden warning that this was getting out of hand.

Her arms stiffened, ready to push him away, but his next move wiped everything but lust out of her mind.

He dragged her over his lap, her knees falling on either side of his hips and his hands pressing her down until the sensitive, throbbing flesh between her thighs came into contact with the ridge behind his zipper.

Hard. Hot. Huge.

Her hips moved of their own volition, pressing her pussy against his cock, seeking relief from the burning ache.

Sebastian moaned, a low, deep sound she heard over the music. She released him then, her hands moving to his shoulders before sinking into his hair. She secretly loved his hair, and had wondered, more than once, if it was as silky soft as it looked. It was long enough to brush the collar of his shirt and for his bangs to hang in his eyes. Long enough for her fingers to wind in the strands, making it clear he wasn’t going to get away unless she allowed it.

And she didn’t want to let him go. Her fingers tightened at the mere thought.

He moaned again and pulled away to suck in a breath. She drew in air as well, her eyes barely fluttering open before he sealed their lips together again.

And now she did feel like she was drowning, her body sinking under the force of his desire.

Cupping her ass in both hands, he dragged her even closer against him.

She moaned as the pressure of her clit on his zipper both alleviated the ache and intensified it. Her body shook as lust burned through every nerve ending. She didn’t orgasm but she came damn close. And if she allowed him to continue, she would.

She couldn’t let him. She needed to get up and put some distance between them.

Her body had other plans, though. Her hips began a slow grind against his erection, finding a rhythm she had no context for.

No other man she’d slept with had had this effect on her. They hadn’t made her want to grab their pants and rip them off so she could take their cocks in hand and make them harder. To stroke them until they came. Or have them throw her on her back and fuck her right here, right now.

If she and Baz spread out on this couch, no one would be able to see them—

Oh my god.

She froze, went so still Sebastian noticed almost immediately.

Pulling back just far enough to see her eyes, Sebastian stared at her, sexual intent clear in his gaze. A heat so fierce, she shivered in the face of it. Her pussy clenched, the ache spreading outward until she was practically consumed by it.

She felt like she couldn’t breathe. The heat rolling off him enticed her to wrap herself around him again. To throw the rest of her sanity and caution to the wind and let him continue to seduce her right out of her dress.

Why not? What could it hurt? The man certainly has sex down to an art.

And just the fact that she was considering it made her shake her head.

No. God, no. She couldn’t. He didn’t fit into her plan. The plan where she made her first million by the time she was thirty and established a name for herself in the film business and showed everyone back home that she wasn’t crazy for leaving Nebraska to work in Hollywood.

“Jesus, Tru, I can practically see the gears working in your brain. Shut it down. For five fucking minutes, shut it down.”

Then he shoved one hand through her hair again and tugged her back against him.

This time, she should’ve been ready for him. She should’ve put her hands on his shoulders and held him at arm’s length.

Did she?

His mouth sealed over hers again and she felt a momentary relief that he hadn’t let her half-hearted attempt to stop him work.

This time though, his kiss was less devouring and way more seductive.