Etruscan linchetto Cam de Feo is ruthless, determined to keep his magical family safe at all costs. Stella Palmer is a means to an end—nothing more. He will seduce her then use her to trap her evil uncle. He never expected to fall for the beauty.

For Stella, Cam is the right man for a white-hot one-night stand. But in the bright light of day, she realizes he has much more to offer than great sex. While the dark forces of the Mal threaten, family secrets will be revealed and Stella will discover a hidden world—filled with love and magic

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Stella couldn’t believe she was actually going to follow a man she’d only just met back to his home—for the sole purpose of having sex.

She’d given her bodyguard the rest of the night off, telling him she was going to head straight home to bed. He hadn’t argued, probably because he had a new girlfriend he was anxious to meet. And she’d never done anything like this before.

As she made her way to the underground parking garage, she made a halfhearted attempt to talk herself out of going to Cam’s. But by the time she unlocked the door of her BMW M6 coupé and slid behind the wheel, her sweaty palms and shortness of breath made up her mind for her.

She hadn’t been this excited about a man since…well, since never. And it felt good.

Thinking about what his naked body would feel like against hers made her sex weep. She revved the engine, letting the tires spin for a second before they grabbed and shot her forward. Driving was the one absolute joy in her life and she took every opportunity to do it fast and dangerous.

Kind of like tonight’s rendezvous.

With a smile on her face, she downshifted around the corner with her foot on the accelerator and popped off the seat at least a few inches as she exited the garage. As the sports car screeched to a halt in front of the building, she looked around for Cam.

The roar of a well-tuned engine drew her gaze to the muscular Viper in the lot. Yeah, that suited him.

Making his way out of the aboveground parking lot, he stopped next to her and lowered the passenger window while she lowered her driver’s window.

“Nice car,” he said.

She let her grin loose, liking the way his gaze narrowed and intensified. “I like them fast.”

She would have finished with “Like my men,” but didn’t want to give Cam a completely wrong impression of her.

Of course she’d agreed to go to his house with him—after they’d talked for what had seemed like forever but could only have been an hour at most. He probably already thought she was easy.

But she was no pushover.

“Want to show me how fast?” His smile returned and his gaze shone with a competitive light.

Bring it on. She was ready for anything he could dish out. “A race? You’ll need to give me your address, because once I blow you away, I’ll need to know where to go.”

His smile intensified. Holy hell, she’d thought his other smiles had been devastating. This one blew the roof off those. It made her thighs clench and she swore she might have started to orgasm.

“110 Spook Lane, Reading. The entrance to the driveway is a little hard to find in the dark. But don’t worry, you’ll be following me all the way.”

She repeated the address for the onboard navigation system. “I wouldn’t be too sure about that, Cam.”

Then she stepped on the gas pedal and let the Beemer leap out ahead of the Viper. Exhilaration whipped around her with the wind that came in through the open window as she sped down the road to the exit.

The company was located in the country to the northwest of the city. The quickest way to get to Cam’s home would be to take Route 78 to Route 183. Then it was straight into the city. Provided she didn’t run into any cops—which she’d make sure didn’t happen.

The Beemer hugged the curves as she raced for the entrance ramp to the highway. In her rearview mirror, she saw the Viper right on her tail.

A jolt of electricity shot through her, a feeling unlike any she’d had before. It felt like…freedom. And it felt good.

Reaching the open freeway, she pressed the pedal to the floor and cranked the stereo.

My Chemical Romance’s “Dead!” blared from the speakers, Ray Toro’s guitar propelling the rock song to near-operatic heights.

She’d never felt more alive in her life.