Tall, dark and handsome, the guy walks into Lacey’s bar like he’s expecting to be hit with a hail of bullets. There’s something about him that draws her but Lacey has a secret. One that could threaten her life if it’s exposed. 

The woman behind the bar is gorgeous and pushes every single one of Teo’s buttons. He wants her—even though he’s dangerous and it’s only a matter of time before he explodes.

But one night of magical sex and all bets are off as Lacey’s secret catches up with her and Teo will risk everything, including himself, to keep her safe. And make her his.


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"Lacey, are you okay?”

Teo’s voice startled her and she gasped as she realized he stood next to her behind the bar. She hadn’t seen or heard him move.

She looked up, way up, into his eyes. Dangerous. He was dangerous. She saw it in the set of his mouth and the darkening of his eyes.

Teo wanted her. He’d seen through her glamour to the beauty of her true face. A beauty she’d had no control over and one she would gladly give up if only she could lead a normal life.

But her life would never be normal and Teo wanted her with a hunger that should scare the shit out of her. No one had looked at her like that for the year since she’d escaped from that Malandante hell.

From the hell her sister hadn’t.

Those Mal bastards had a lot to answer for. Descended from the Etruscans but born with a bent toward evil, with a taste for power and wealth, the Mal had killed her sister. They’d driven Cara to take her own life.

Grief flared but she couldn’t let it overcome her. She was already seriously close to losing the tight hold she had on her hunger and if that happened, she’d hurt someone. And she couldn’t live with that.

She didn’t want to hurt Teo but he looked strong enough to take whatever she dished out, strong enough to give it back in spades…

What about tomo—

 “Fuck tomorrow,” she whispered under breath as she reached up and grabbed Teo around the neck. His eyes narrowed at her words, but he didn’t try to stop her when she pulled him down to kiss her.