Justin Johannson knows there are mythical creatures living among us. After all, he has been trying to prove their existence for ten years. Research gets a whole lot more interesting when he finds a winged woman in his bed and his sexual fantasies come to life.

Etruscan folletta Scarlata is convinced Justin is in league with an evil businessman bent on capturing her for scientific study, which is so not going to happen. She decides that Justin needs to be taught a lesson to leave her and the rest of the mythical creatures in peace — but before, she might just have a little fun of her own.

The beautiful folletta never expected to fall for a human and Justin is about to discover that true magic really does exist in the world. And in him.

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Justin came to two realizations at the same time.

He was definitely awake.

And he was in a shitload of trouble.

The second didn’t sink in until the woman—creature?—standing before him unfurled pink wings behind her back.

Holy shit. He’d found exactly what he’d been searching for all these years.

And she was in no way happy he’d done so.

He tried to get off the bed, to stand—and found he couldn’t move a muscle. He tried to speak but couldn’t force his mouth to form the words. Fear began to edge out the leftover endorphins from the incredible sex. Holy hell, had he really had sex with a fairy?

And had he been any good?

Damn, now that was a sobering thought.

She stood, her expression a mix of haughty censure and anger. With the exception of those wings, she looked exactly like a pissed-off human female. He hadn’t been far off when he’d thought she looked like a young Sophia Loren with deep auburn hair that fell nearly to her waist in rumpled waves. She was as slim as a boy and her breasts couldn’t be more than a B-cup. Still, she was the most seductive creature he’d ever seen.

And those pink wings…

No. No, someone must be playing a joke on him. One of the other researchers must have slipped in here last night and shot him full of something. Something that impaired his movement. Then they’d paid a prostitute to slide into bed with him, sleep with him then put on those wings to screw with his head.

The nerds he worked with in the lab were known for their practical jokes and were smart enough to get away with them. And everyone knew about his belief in fairies.

They all thought he was nuts. But in his soul, he knew, even without his father’s research, that there were creatures of myth living among humans. He hadn’t needed to see one with his own eyes to know for sure.

What he didn’t believe was that this fairy had willingly climbed into his bed and onto him.

The woman blinked once and crossed her arms over her breasts. She didn’t seem to want to cover her nudity so much as think. What was she thinking?

Her glare was sharp enough to cut his skin. Was she going to hurt him?

No, if she’d wanted to do that, she’d had plenty of opportunity already.

Finally a smile broke across her full lips. Lips he couldn’t help wanting to devour even if that smile did have a fierce edge.

“Worried yet, human? You should be. I could kill you now and no one would be the wiser. Did you think I wouldn’t realize what you were doing out here? What you’ve been looking for with your camera and your gadgets?”

Shock ratcheted through his still-paralyzed body. No one knew why he’d really come here. Even though his colleagues knew he believed in fairies, he hadn’t told anyone of his personal research. Not even his boss knew why he’d been so eager to get this assignment. He fought to make his mouth do his bidding but couldn’t get any words out.

“What I’d like to know,” she continued as she paced at the foot of the bed, “is how you discovered where to look. Not that you would have seen me if I hadn’t allowed it, but I’m curious. I’ve lived in these woods for many years. Tell me how you came to detect my presence. You may speak now if you choose. Or I can kill you.”