Sex, Lies & Surveillance

The DeMarco Investigations | Book One

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Janey DeMarco would love to have a sex life--and she has a serious crush on the new guy in her office. As manager for her family's P.I. firm, she knows an office romance would end in disaster. Not only are her parents former spies, but her older brothers are tall, dark and overly protective. Still, a little sex would go a long way to reducing her stress levels, and the man is hot...

NSA operative Mal Laughlin has been sent undercover to find a link between the DeMarcos and the gun smugglers who killed his partner. Unfortunately, the only evidence points to the woman who's making him hot, hard and ready--Janey.

Convinced Mal is hiding something, Janey's determined to find out what. Can she do that while keeping her own secrets? Janey and Mal plot a course of seduction to uncover the truth about each other but when they're thrown together on a dangerous assignment, sensual meltdown is imminent and secrets are about to be revealed.




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The woman's voice wrapped around Malcolm Laughlin like humidity on a ninety-degree day, making him unseasonably warm for a cool April morning.

From the adjoining office, Janey DeMarco's husky tone soothed. "No, don't panic. I can talk you through this. You have to slide off the cover on the tower to remove the hard drive."

He had no idea who she was talking to. Didn't matter. Her voice mesmerized--calm, logical, competent. Mal stifled a groan. Sexy as hell.

With a rising sense of dread, he stared blindly into the monitor in front of him. He tried to shut her out, to imagine himself anywhere but the Philadelphia offices of DeMarco Investigations.

A nice arctic oil field or Mount Everest, maybe.

"No. Not the modem. Don't mess with the cards. I need you to pull the hard drive." She paused. "What do you mean, should you unplug the machine first?" Now her voice showed the slightest hint of agitation. "Oh for--Damn it, Nic, haven't I taught you anything?"

Her brother. She was talking to her brother.

"You can't just--no, don't--Stop! Just stop."

She laughed then, a rich, melodic sound that completely erased the irritation.

Goddamn, she had a great laugh. Gave him a hard-on every damn time. Luckily for him, in the month he'd been here, she hadn't had much to laugh about.

Mal used his forearm to sweep a clear spot on his desk. Ignoring the pile of discs that fell to the floor, he doubled over, resting his forehead on the cool, polished wood.

"Yes, I know you don't normally do this, but--No! You can't just pull the plug! You have to shut it down first." She paused again, as if to take a deep breath. "Nic, work with me here. I need that hard drive."

Ah, hell. Another groan twisted his insides into knots.

Gallagher had said three weeks, in and out. No problem.

Well, he'd been here four, and he hadn't found a damn thing. This case was not as cut and dried as he'd been led to believe.

"Damn it, Nic. I can't believe you let it go this far. You should've called me earlier--"

And the DeMarcos were not what he'd expected. He'd imagined The Sopranos. Instead, he got Ozzie and Harriet with a little La Femme Nikita thrown in for flavor.

It was confusing as hell, and confusion generally pissed him off. He liked to have all his facts in a row. Who the players were. What their roles were.

These damn DeMarcos wouldn't stay in their boxes. Whenever he thought he had them figured out, they threw something new at him.

"No, you can't do that. No... You could wipe the disc."

Mal knew his limits. Knew his strengths and weaknesses. He was controlled, meticulous. He could be a cold-blooded son of a bitch who didn't take shit from anybody. And he never, ever, let his libido dictate his actions.

"All right, put her on," Janey said. "Toni, honey, it's going to be okay. You'll have your term paper by the end of the week, even if we have to make Nic rewrite it. I swear, everything will be fine."

A goddamn term paper. Jesus. He was screwed.

Still, if she told him the sky was green and the ocean pink right now, he'd believe her. If she told him to hide under his desk because the sky was falling, he'd do it in a heartbeat.

And if she ordered him to strip naked and lie on his desk for her pleasure...well, shit, he'd think he'd died and gone to heaven.

Christ Almighty, didn't he have enough problems without lusting after the suspects' daughter?