The Brick Wall

Redtails Hockey | Book One

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He needs to get his head in the game...

Goaltender Shane Conrad's game is in a slump but when he meets a redhead who raises more than his blood pressure, it's game on. One steamy night with Bliss Vescovi and Shane’s winning games again. Their action in the bedroom rivals his play on the ice but both agree their affair isn't meant for the long term.

not let his heart call the shots

Bliss isn't looking for a relationship, especially not with an intense, driven athlete who's chasing his dreams. Her ex's need for control nearly made her his emotional slave. She's sworn to never give another man that kind of hold over her again. But a one-night stand with a hot hockey player who won't be around forever? Totally doable.

But Shane's off-beat humor and killer smile get around the guard on her heart and Bliss's warmth opens up a life beyond the ice for Shane. Until Shane gets the call he’s been waiting for his whole life…from the NHL. Bliss knows their affair is over, but Shane isn’t giving up without a fight. His nickname is Brick Wall for a good reason...

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